Is it Common for a Pediatric Dentist to Recommend “Sleep Dentistry?” to Help Kids?

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Wondering why a pediatric dentist can offer sleep dentistry services for kids? Because this type of dental professional is one who has undergone the additional training that allows them to administer special needs dentistry treatments. This type of special treatment is for kids who experience dental fear or have been diagnosed with a medical, behavioral or developmental problem.

What is sleep dentistry?

Learning more about how a pediatric dentist can help your kid when you find it difficult to get them to their dental appointments is a great idea. It is essential for kids to receive regular dental treatments in order to support their good oral health. Sleep dentistry is also known as sedation dentistry and requires a dentist to provide kids with medications that allow them the ability to completely relax during the procedure. It is also possible to provide kids with medications that completely put them to sleep during any necessary dental procedures.

Why kids need help

While many kids do not mind going to their regular dental appointments, many others would rather do anything else than go to a dental office. It is not the kid’s fault, as there is some type of underlying reason why they do not want to go. Kids who are often in need of some help so they can sit still in the dental chair are often kids who experience some level of anxiety or have been diagnosed with a special need.

Types of sleep dentistry options for kids

There are a few different sleep dentistry options for kids, which means that there are choices available. When it comes to which option will work for any particular kid, it is necessary for the parents and the pediatric dentist to make a decision together. There are four levels of sleep dentistry to choose from – inhaled sedation (aka laughing gas), oral sedation that is taken about one hour before the appointment, IV sedation that works faster than oral sedation, and deep sedation (aka general anesthesia).

Is it common for a pediatric dentist to recommend sleep dentistry for kids?

Yes, it is common for pediatric dentists to recommend sleep dentistry options for kids who are finding it difficult to sit still enough to undergo necessary dental treatment. While pediatric dentists will try to get kids to undergo treatment all on their own, the majority of kids who find it difficult to let a dentist treat them will benefit from undergoing one of the different types of sleep dentistry options currently in place.

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