Why a Pediatric Dentistry is Best Equipped to Help Your Child

Why a Pediatric Dentistry is Best Equipped to Help Your Child from Jayne F. Scherrman JS Pediatric Dentistry in Cape Girardeau, MORoutine professional dental care is important for people of all ages, including children. Visiting a pediatric dentistry office is the right choice for many families because of the numerous benefits it offers. While any type of regular professional dental care is good for your child's oral health, working with a pediatric dentist can be especially helpful.

The advantages of choosing a pediatric dentist

Many regular dental offices accept children as patients. However, a pediatric dental office focuses solely on working with patients from infancy to age 12 or 13, or whenever all of their adult teeth have come in. Some will continue to see patients while they are still teenagers but typically recommend they transition to a regular dentist at this time. Under the care of a pediatric dentist, patients and their parents alike can enjoy many benefits.

Kid-friendly perks

When you walk into a pediatric dentistry office, you will likely notice many amenities that are geared towards children. Colorful styling and decor, waiting room games and tablets, and televisions for watching movies during teeth cleanings can appeal to kids of all ages. The hygenist or dentist will likely use tools and supplies that are also created with children in mind, from a polishing brush designed to look like an exotic animal to bubble gum or birthday cake-flavored toothpaste. These little touches can help children feel more at ease and even excited to visit the dentist, making it easier to maintain good oral health.

Child- and parent-focused staff

In high-anxiety situations, it takes the right approach to work effectively with young dental patients and their parents. It is normal for kids of all ages, but especially younger ones, to be nervous about visiting the dentist. The staff who work at pediatric offices are very used to helping tearful, anxious kids and their stressed caregivers. High levels of patience, a positive and gentle tone, and a more approachable disposition are just some of the traits you are likely to see among the staff there.

Specific training

Pediatric dentists receive additional training geared specifically toward the growth, development, and unique challenges of caring for children's teeth. This usually takes a few years to complete. These dentists are trained to work with children who may have certain physical, mental, or emotional needs as well.

The importance of pediatric dental visits

Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is an important part of caring for your child's teeth and gums. However, professional care is also essential and helps reduce the risks of cavities and gum disease. A pediatric dentist can monitor and treat tooth decay as needed in both baby teeth and permanent teeth. They can also guide parents towards the right treatment for alignment issues if early intervention is recommended. Finally, seeing a dentist routinely during childhood can help kids build sound habits for a lifetime of good oral health.

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Your child needs regular professional dental care to maintain a healthy smile. Taking them to a pediatric dentistry office can be a good way to ensure excellent care that is geared toward their specific needs in an environment they can thoroughly enjoy.

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